Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Transitional Care Management?

Transitional Care Management, also known as TCM, is the process of monitoring the care of patients after they are discharged from the hospital for a period of 30 days. TCM is primarily aimed at improving a patient's transition from an acute setting back to their home environment while reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions.

Who can use Phyzit TCM®?

Physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, clinical and clerical staff, patients, and caregivers can all use Phyzit TCM®. Of course, only personnel who are a part of a patient’s care will have access to a particular patient’s info.

How does it benefit the provider / patient?

Providers benefit from increased revenue, more efficient patient management, and improved patient communication and outcomes. Providers participating in shared savings programs will also see greatly improved results that are aligned with those tracked by these programs. (CPCI, ACOs, etc.)

Patients will have a convenient, secure communication portal with their provider. Patients also benefit from better outcomes and can avoid unnecessary readmissions.

What does Phyzit TCM® do to improve this?

It will track patients through the TCM process and provide reminders of important dates and metrics that must be met in order to properly bill for TCM. With Phyzit TCM®’s HIPAA compliant instant messaging and video conferencing, communication between patient and provider is easy and convenient.

How does it work?

Phyzit TCM® is a cloud-based application that allows providers to track patients through the Transitional Care Management process. Phyzit TCM® also has the capability to communicate with patients through a HIPAA compliant messaging and video conferencing component.

Will Phyzit TCM® increase the clinic’s workload?

No. Phyzit TCM® actually reduces the amount of work necessary for clinics to accurately manage the TCM process for patients. What was once a complicated, time consuming  process involving paper, accordion folders and/or spreadsheets, is now an easy system that is user friendly and does all the thinking for you.

Is the messaging secure (HIPAA compliant)?

Yes. Our data storage and management "at rest" and "in transit" not only meet the HIPAA standards, but exceed them.

What equipment do I need?

You will only need a computer and Google’s Chrome browser to use Phyzit TCM®. Our application is cloud-based and accessible wherever you work, even on mobile devices via our iOS app and mobile-web tools.

How do I get started?

Call or email to get your account activated or to schedule a demo to learn more.
(501) 712-5775 or sales@phyzit.com